Joey The Crow

Joey the Crow are a 4 piece band based in Herefordshire. playing their own unique style of Southern rock, Country, Blue Grass and much more.

Crazy Johnny Crow Fiddle/Vocals : Started life as a beetroot farmer but when the crop failed he joined a local circus riding a unicycle but after an unfortunate accident took up playing the fiddle.

Wizzle Drizzle Guitar/Vocals : Stumbled at his first job as an auctioneer so became a ventriloquist but the dummy bit his ear so he couldn’t stick his finger in it to play folk music anymore so became a country singer instead. 

Cooking Fat Drums :One time Chinese chef but got the sack when a customer ordered a No59 and a double decker bus appeared so he decided to become a drummer instead.

Andy Rest Bass Guitar : Kebabs are his thing but after trying to grow his own unsuccessfully he took a course on basic plumbing and home dentistry before resorting to playing the bass.

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