Roots Stage

1130  The Del Cats

image1The DelCats are a four piece band from the Forest of Dean. Consisting of Ricky Delaney (Guitar/Vocals) Jackie Delaney (Guitar/Vocals) Ceri-Ann Delaney (Bass/Vocals) and Dave Meadows (Drums) the band provide a kick ass set of Rock N Roll and Rockabilly numbers. They recently played at The Miners Arms, Whitecroft’s festival “The Whitecroft Wellie” and it was said that “The DelCats proved they are quite possibly the most talented family from The Forest of Dean”.

1215  Month of Sundays

1300  Rigadoo

GetAttachment.aspxRigadoo formed in 2007 as a showcase for the songwriting talents of Mike Edwards and Mike Mullan, who had previously played together in many lineups around Manchester. Rigadoo played a mixture of styles and moods of music, based around folk/jazz/blues themes, and produced a critically acclaimed album, “Follow The River” in 2008. They played extensively at festivals and venues around The Forest of Dean and Gloucester until 2010 when Mike Edwards’ business commitments dictated a break from the gigging circuit.

However, the two Mikes have always been close musically, and a revival was always on the cards! This will be your first chance to see the new Rigadoo after 4 years, with the two Mikes fronting a different lineup and presenting a harder-edged version of the original band. Expect
rock, blues, jazz and ska mixed and stirred, with added ingredients of top Manchester guitarist John Doyle, rhythm guitarist Dom Beddis and ex-pro drummer Paul Fieldhouse from Yorkshire! Get ready for some dancing in the streets!

1400  Luke Philbrick and Damon T

Luke Philbrick from Solid Gone and Gloucester’s NYC-born king of blues, Damon T, unite for a night of blues and roots music. Soulful vocals, raw delta blues guitar, wailing harmonica and an almost tribal foot-stomping beat combine to create a special atmosphere.

The pair play a unique blend of original and traditional songs alongside the odd radically reworked popular cover with the lead swapping between the two several times throughout a set. They have built up a strong fan-base, regularly leaving audiences wanting more during their travels around Gloucestershire and beyond.

1500  Gilly Elkin Band

Gilly Coleford promo-2In a career spanning four decades, Gilly Elkin has made her mark on the music business with her haunting voice, catchy melodies and touching lyrics. She has worked alongside some of the greats; having toured with Mike Oldfield, Alvin Stardust and Labi Siffre. Her songs have topped the indie charts. Yet she is more than just a pop artist. Her roots are in folk music and during the 1990s she spent several years in Nashville, honing her song-writing skills and working with some of the top names in the music industry there.
Now settled back in Gloucestershire, she has put together a talented band of musicians to give an offbeat edge to her eclectic mix of “grown-up pop” songs. Some you may have heard before, some you may not – but you will want to hear all of them again.

1600 Pure Evil

Pure Coleford FesivalIt’s Jazz Jim but not as you know it! Three guys once met in a bar and 1 said to 2 and 3. “Are you aware of the work William Shatner did outside of Star Trek “? Both replied, “ Hhmm, No” and thus was born Pure Evil, a masterwork of Punk Jazz and Cabaret inspired by attitude of ’The Shat’, as he is affectionately known to his loyal fans. “It’s not as if our type of music would instantly make you think of William Shatner but we sure do embody his spirit when we perform”, states Evil 3, the drummer and sometimes trouble maker of the band.One thing that is for sure is that when you hear Pure Evil play live you won’t be able to sit down, probably because at a certain age things become painful, Just like the bitter sweet joy that is Pure Evil but don’t take my word for it come and have a listen.

1700  Paris Jazz Café Swing Band

PJCafe gigThe Paris Jazz Café Swing Band bring you acoustic music from the Parisian café era and the French jazz of Stephane Grappelli and Django Reinhardt, with a taste of classics from the roaring 20’s and swinging 30’s and 40’s to the finest Hot Club Jazz…

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