Spectrum 4

Spectrum 4 is a four piece Gloucestershire based band that formed in 2016 to play their music style to people who enjoy seeing female fronted bands at live shows 

Their music has been likened to Alternative Folk Rock with a twist! By the melodic vocals and lyrics of Christine Eaton. They have been playing live shows mainly in Gloucestershire and have been playing a set based on 30% covers alongside 70% of their own music. To date they have played 18 live shows and are playing predominantly festival gigs in 2019 

The Band

Spectrum 4 has a diverse range of collaborators:

Christine Eaton: Is the singer, songwriter with a background in folk music. She adds,” working with these guys is inspirational; it’s wonderful seeing thoughts and ideas being brought to life by such talented musicians”

Shane Hathaway: Bass guitar who previously worked with the Picture Frame Seduction and a host of other bands far too many to mention . 

David Smith: on Drums has played with Eric, Tone FM and Pelvis. David is also involved in international music ventures as a producer in trance and dance music.  

Terry Elcock: Is the guitarist also main song writer alongside Christine and is the founding member of Gloucester City based punk rock band Demob. 

Demob is well known on the punk rock scene and they have toured the East and West coasts of USA, Europe and Japan. Their most famous single release was written by Forest of Dean local musician Bob Smith and is called “No Room For You”

Music Release 

Spectrum 4 released a 4 track promotional CD in September 2017 called “Delusions of Grandeur”. They are currently looking for a management/record company who will re-release, promote their music for distribution in the UK and internationally. They are also looking to achieve radio air play of their music and are hoping for this to happen with the BBC very soon.

Their 4 track CD had a review in Slap Magazine. To read the review visit www.slapmag.co.uk then search July 2017 edition page 29.

Video Release

The title track of Delusions of Grandeur has a video; this can be viewed on YouTube. Search for: Spectrum 4 Delusions of Grandeur. It’s a video that will give you an insight of what the bands looks like, their determination and professionalism to succeed as an established act on the music scene.

Contact Information 

Christine Eaton: Text 07799 170983 or email Christineeaton55@yahoo.com or Terry Elcock: Text 07565562326 email elcock007@yahoo.co.uk https://www.facebook.com/spectrum4band