At a glance



Main Stage
1pm Pageant
2.30pm Artspace
3pm Indigo Kings
4pm Syren
4.5pm Ritmo Salsa
4.45pm Max
5pm The Tailormade
6.15pm The Rumble
7.15pm The Keith Thompson Band
8.30pm Devon
9.30pm 2Rude

St Johns St Stage
2.30pm New Voyage
3.15pm Alex Davies
4pm Cw Cw
4.45pm Bob Smith
5.45pm CiCi Rose
6.45pm Unravelings
7.45pm Elessar

Newland St Stage
2.15pm Phoenix J
3.15pm The Dixons of Dock Green
4.15pm Gordon Wood Band
5.30pm Paris Jazz Cafe Swing Band

Buskers Corner
3.30pm Betty Hughes
4pm Owen Hughes
4.30pm Alex Ishmael
5pm Ellen Coombe
5.30pm Rob Connolly
6pm Tom Atkinson
6.30pm Lydbrook Ukulele Band


Main Stage
1pm Coleford
Community Choir
1.30pm Djabot
2.15pm Pure Evil
3pm 5 Valleys Circus
3.30pm Soul Strutters
4.45pm Versatile
Reggae Band
6pm The Firebirds
7.15pm RSVP
8.30pm The Apple Tree Theory
9.30pm  Geno Washington

St Johns St Stage
2.30pm Cystal Balloon
3.30pm Pandemick
4.30pm Plain Royals
5.30pm Glass Peaks
6.30pm Native People
7.30pm Toadstool

Newland St Stage
2pm Cosmosis
3pm Adz King
4pm Vapor
5pm The Del-Cats
6pm The Six Foot Way
7pm Folklaw

Buskers Corner
3pm Dan & Georgie
3.30pm Hannah Hill
4pm Mark James
William Cole
4.30pm Callie Jay
5pm Josh Hopkins
5.30pm Ellie Gowers
6pm Baldwin Bros
6.30pm Bexley