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Saturday 9th Sunday 10th

Clock Tower Stage

1pm Berry Hill Band

1.45pm Forest Singers

2.30pm Djabot

3pm Forest of Dean Morris 

3.30pm The Modul8tors

4.30pm Dynamite Shakers

5.15pm  Aziza

5.45pm Onika Venus Band

7pm The Strays

8.15pm The Fontanas

9.30pm Roy  G Hemmings & the Dictionary of Soul

12pm Churches Together

1pm Coleford Community Choir

1.30pm Forest of Dean Area

Wind Band

2.30pm Jive by The Wye

3.30pm Billy Whizz

4.30pm Talk in Code

5.45pm Voodoo Sioux

7pm James Oliver Band

8.15pm Year of the Dog

9.30pm The Bohemians

Roots Stage/ Newland Street

2.30pm Common Ground

3.15pm Angela’s Sunset

4.15pmThe Long View

5.15pm Joey The Crow

6.30pm No Parkin’ Rhythm & Blues Band

2.30pm Forest Bros

3pm Mitcheldean Folk Club Takeover

5.15pm Maharaja Blues

6.30pm Billy in the Low Ground

St John Street Stage

2pm The Leaves

3pm Lila J

4pm Pacifica

5pm The Indigos

6.15pm Spectrum 4

7.30pm Killing Lucy

2pm Josh Hicks

3pm Amaretto Lounge

4pm Escher Steps

5pm Cosmic Ninja

6.15pm Mirages

7.30pm Viva La Bear

Acoustic Stage

3pm Lonesome Pines

3.30pm Anna Purver

4pm Acoustic George

4.30pm Baldwin Brothers

5pm My Mate H

5.30pm Topaz

6pm Frankie Wesson

6.30pm Gordon Wood

3pm Lightly Twned

3.30pm Near Side Lane

4pm Max ft. Michelle & friends

4.30pm The Scowles

5pm Alaric Sheer Hardwick

5.30pm Ed B

6pm Free Beetroots

6.30pm Mike ‘Shadow’ Hodges

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